Which Is the Best Tyre Brand in the UAE?

Choosing the right brand of your tyre in the UAE that is known to have a too hot climate is very critical. It might be quite possible that the tyre brand that is considered best in a cool region may not be the best option for a hot region. It is because extreme weather has a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of tyres. So, here, we are sharing some of the best tyre brands in the UAE that you can consider when buying tyres for your vehicle.

Top Tyre Brands in the UAE

Michelin Tyres

In the tyre industry, the Michelin brand is known for its top-tier standards in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Apart from its high-end standards, there are various other reasons, such as innovation and rigorous testing, that encourage people to choose Michelin tyres. Certain tyre models of Michelin are desired for their mileage limits of 100,000 miles. Besides, Michelin is one of the few tyre manufacturing brands that offer tread-wear warranty for its winter tyres.      

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is another acclaimed tyre brand in the Gulf countries, including the UAE, especially for its passenger and truck tyres. This manufacturer focuses on run-flat innovation and creates low-noise models. Besides, Bridgestone tyres come with not only elevated durability but also excellent wheel balancing, damage resistance, and tire rotation qualities. So, yes, Bridgestone tyres are worth your money.

Dunlop Tyres

It goes without saying that Dunlop is recognized worldwide as one of the top tyre brands for designing everything right from bike tyres to jet tyres. Acquired by Goodyear Tyres in 1999, the brand has built a great reputation for using full grade rubber and offering high-quality everyday tyres. If you are looking for entry-level performance tyres, Dunlop is an ideal choice as it offers durable tyres combined with affordability.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is a renowned Italian premium tyre brand that is popular for offering innovative and durable tyres with high quality, performance, and safety. Though these tyres are quite expensive, they make an excellent choice for Dubai’s high-end luxury and performance cars. Its tyres can achieve high speeds while providing outstanding cornering stability to drivers. So, if you are a speed enthusiast or own a luxury car, end your search with Pirelli tyres. These tyres come with a heavy responsibility of damage control.

Continental Tyres

Did you know Continental’s PremiumContact™ 6 stole the top position in the Tyre Review’s 2020 Ultimate Summer tyre test? Yes, that’s entirely true. This model demonstrated its strength and endurance during different kinds of weather conditions and also excelled in short braking distances in both dry and wet conditions. Continental focuses on designing tyres for everyday driving. Some even claim that Continental offers a better value than its competitors in the market.

Falken Tyres

Falken tyres are an excellent choice for drivers who are looking for high-performance tyres or all-terrain tyres at affordable prices. Falken’s relatively affordable performance tyres and high performance and all-terrain tyres come with long-lasting tread life warranties and high customer satisfaction ratings. It might not be the best choice for winter tires or “no-frills” passenger car and truck tires. However, if you are a motorsports professional or off-road enthusiast, go ahead with Falken tyres.

Most brands are known for offering the best quality tyres in certain categories. So, choose the best tyre brand in the UAE depending on what kind of tyres you want and what kind of tyre performance you desire.