What is The Difference between Alloy Wheels and Steel Wheels? Which Wheel Type Will Best Suit Your Car?

When buying a car tyre, you should check the wheel as well. Many of you might be confused because the terms tyre and wheel are used interchangeably. But the truth is, both terms are completely different.

A tyre is a rubber part that grips the road and a wheel is a round object with a hub and axle. The role of the tyre is to run smoothly on roads and the wheel is to increase the look and keep the tyre mounted. So, you should consider both factors when buying. Also, you should seek help from one of the best car tyre dealers in Dubai.

In this post, we will discuss the two common types of wheels, alloy, and steel, found in modern cars so that you select the best.

Alloy Wheels 

Alloy is made from a mixture of several metals but the alloy used for car wheels is either magnesium or aluminum. Alloy wheels have remarkable characteristics. They are malleable, rigid, and durable. Other than this, they are lightweight.

Steel Wheels

Used in a car and other vehicles for a very long time, the steel wheels are made from stamped wheels. These wheels are tough and durable. While manufacturing, the steel is pressed and then properly welded into the desired shape. Steel wheels are recommended for off-road and heavy-duty vehicles.

Difference between Alloy wheels and steels wheel based on different parameters:

Weights of the wheels – The alloy wheels are lightweight compared to steel wheels. So, they aren’t used in heavy vehicles.

Aesthetic of the wheels – Wheels play a major role in the look of the car. With alloy wheels, you can customize and have a good aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, customization isn’t possible with steel wheels. Or, you can say there are limited options.

Price of the wheels- Due to a mixture of several expensive metals, the alloy wheels are costly. Also, the processing takes more time than steel wheels. Whereas, steel wheels are a cheaper option.

Repair needs of the wheels- The alloy wheels cannot withstand too much pressure, so they cannot be repaired if cracked or bent. It might be difficult for you to use alloy wheels at extreme temperatures. Talking about steel alloys, the flexibility in them can withstand pressure. So, it’s easy to repair.

Durability of the wheels – Even if the alloy is prepared using several strong metals, it isn’t strong like steel. You will face durability issues with alloy wheels and have to replace the tyres frequently.

Rigidity of the wheels- The alloy wheels are prone to curb rashes, cracks, and dents, which means they are not or less rigid. On the other hand, the steel wheels are more rigid and can survive rashes, dents, and cracks.

Corrosion –resistance of the wheels- Alloy wheels are corrosion resistant but steel wheels aren’t. But you can extend the corrosion resistance and rust in steel alloys with modern painting techniques.

Which one should you choose?

Buying a car tyre with the right wheel is a big decision. With a wrong selection, you might suffer the consequences. So, you should be very careful.

The selection of the wheels depends on the motoring aspirations and preferences. So, you should take help from a professional car tyre dealer in Dubai before buying.