What are the different types of tyres?

The right set of tyres is very crucial for any vehicle. After all, your vehicle is greatly dependent on its tyres. 

The tyres of a vehicle hold the weight of the entire vehicle and keep it connected to the road. You should always ensure that your vehicle has high-quality tyres to stay safe and comfortable on every journey. Investing in good tyres can do wonders to the performance level of your car, while bad tyres can always put your life at risk. 

Quality tyres with an advanced grip can handle the acceleration, turns, and brakes in a perfect manner. Whereas, poor tyres will downgrade the value of the entire vehicle. They won’t work effectively on absorbing shocks and bumps. Also, they consume more fuel making the deal even expensive. Hence, it becomes wiser to make a one-time investment in some high-quality tyres. They can save you money in the long run and also makes your driving experience safer. 

You can buy Michelin tyres in Dubai for the high performance and increased efficiency of your vehicle. It offers you a variety of tyre options that you can choose from as per your requirements. However, before you choose tyres, it is important that you have sufficient knowledge about them. Hence, we have listed down below the different types of tyres and about them. 

  • Tubeless tyres 

As the name suggests, these type of tyres does not have tubes within them. They instead have an inner liner, which is basically the inner tube but integrated with the tyre. The rim and the tyre are sealed together in an airtight manner that prevents the leakage of air. 

Tubeless tyres have a lot of advantages which makes them a little expensive. They are durable and tend to have a longer life since they do not deflate early. 

  • Performance tyres 

These are the type of tyres mostly used in sports cars. They tend to have sporty qualities and are suitable for anyone who loves speed. 

These are also well-known for the durability they offer. While these types of tyres are not suggested for snow, they are perfect for speed and extra control on road. 

  • Radial tyres

Radial tyres have a cord extended from the centreline of the tyre to the bead. These tyres are ideal for even distribution of the pressure. They offer high-traction control, stability, and resistance against puncture. Also, soil cannot penetrate easily through them. 

  • All-terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres allow both on-road and off-road driving. These tyres give a very bold and robust look to the vehicle. 

Their feature offers high traction on mud, water, snow, and road as well. They are an ideal choice for SUVs, pickups, and trucks because of their versatility to run on and off-road. 

  • SUV tyres

These are the most stylish ones on the list and come with a combination of performance, fashion, and comfort. They can support heavy weights and work in different weather conditions. 

If the style is your preference, then this durable option is good to go with. 

Choose the right tyres with Michelin and enjoy an unbeatable travel experience every time.