Tyre Change in Al Quoz: Why is it necessary and when should you do it?

While most car owners know the importance of taking good care of their cars, only a few do it well in reality. A well-maintained car is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of yours and your family. When it comes to maintenance and servicing of your car, tyres are often the most neglected parts, which is a big mistake for any car owner. Why? Let’s check out.

Why is it important to change your car’s tyres regularly?

Tyres are equipped with the tread that dictates the ability of your car’s tyres to have a strong grip on a wet road. If the condition of your car tyre’s tread is good, the tyre can easily stop, accelerate, and turn even on a road that doesn’t have suitable driving conditions.

However, the tread of tyres begins to degrade with regular wear and tear and sometimes, also due to road accidents. This compromises the ability of your tyres to have a firm grip on the road. As a result, tyres with worn out tread are a safety hazard for all those who use and sit inside your car.

In Al Quoz, checking your tyres becomes more important. As the temperature starts to rise in summers, tyres get worn out and damaged easily. When you go for regular maintenance or servicing of your vehicle to a reputed tyre shop in Al Quoz, Dubai, an experienced mechanic can tell you when your car’s tyres need to be changed.

When should you change the tyres of your car?

High temperatures in Al Quoz and everywhere in the UAE are a serious problem for tyres, especially when they are not properly maintained. Besides, incorrect inflation pressures, poor wheel alignment and balance also reduce the life and safety aspects of tyres.

Here are a few tips on when it’s time to change the tyre of your car.

  • A tyre usually needs to be replaced every 5 to 6 years if the tread doesn’t wear out soon. However, tyres and their tread should be checked far more regularly.
  • If you find out that the tread has worn out, don’t wait any longer to replace the old tyre with a new one. You can ask the mechanic at a tyre shop to check your tyres whenever you go for an oil change or car servicing.
  • If your car was involved in an accident, there is a high possibility that there has been some damage to the tyres. Even if it seems minor damage, it’s a good idea to go to a tyre shop near you to see if they are fit or need to be changed sooner.
  • Driving in the UAE takes a toll on a car’s tyres because of higher temperatures. So, if you live in any part of the UAE, it might mean that you need to get your car tyres checked and changed more often.
  • Your driving habits also affect the life of your car tyres. If you drive your car recklessly or on uneven roads more often, your tyres might get worn out even faster.

When was the last time your car tyres were inspected by an expert mechanic? If it has been long enough or you can’t remember it at all, go to a nearby tyre shop immediately to assess if your car tyres are fit to function well or not. After all, it is about the safety of yours and your family!