Top 7 Tyre Brands To Choose From In Dubai

The car culture in Dubai is gaining recognition not just in the Middle-East but around the entire world. Car enthusiasts around the world throng to Dubai to experience the car culture. But, as busy Dubai automobiles are in their business, so are their tires.

Tyre brands are particularly important in the Middle Eastern countries. Tyre dealers in Dubai play a crucial role, since the hot weather makes the tire wither, especially faster than it does in other parts of the world. Thus, it is vital to select the right quality of the tire. Let’s discuss the well-established tyre brands to give you an experience of the smooth roads of Dubai.

Here are some of the best tyre brands in Dubai you can choose from:

  1. Yokohama

Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand, and the company has built up prestige overtime for value at reduced prices. The Yokohama tyres in Dubai offer products that suit demands with sales reaching pinnacle heights. Also, the company is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world. It is also a durable tire brand suitable for the Dubai terrain.

Yokohama tyres stand out from the rest, as it delivers Japanese standard performance at exceptionally low costs.

2. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is one of the best tyre brands in Dubaithat offers high-quality tires for Dubai roads. The Bridgestone tyres can improve road traction, mileage, and fuel efficiency, and that is the reason it meets the demand of most of the drivers.

3. Michelin

Michelin tyres are known for their durability and performance, and they suit well to the extreme weather conditions in the region. Michelin tyres are also used in several motorsport events including the MotoGP.

The Michelin Tyres not only saves you money, but they care for the environment as well, without compromising safety.

4. Dunlop

When it comes to tyres, Dunlop is a common name in the dealer’s lexicon. Dunlop has spread itself into every nook and corner in Dubai and has outlets all over the city.

5. Pirelli

Pirelli is an Italian brand, which is notable for innovative rubber tyre with quality, performance, and safety. It is a premium brand, and not everyone can afford the price of these tyres. However, Pirelli is an excellent choice for Dubai’s high-end luxury and performance cars. These tyres can deliver at high speeds and provide outstanding cornering stability to drivers. If you are a speed enthusiast, Pirelli is an excellent choice for you.

6. Continental

This brand is known for producing a variety of products for the transportation and automotive industry.

Continental tyres offer high performance without compromising safety. Further, the Continental is amongst the pioneers in manufacturing eco-friendly tyres.

7. Goodyear

Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company is the sole supplier of the NASCAR series. The Goodyear Eagle series encompasses a kind of tyres that can satisfy the needs of every type of car owner in Dubai. One of Goodyear’s most famous tyres for passenger cars in Dubai is Efficient Grip Performance.


The tyres are rated according to their technologies, grip, wear and comfort level. The above-mentioned tyre brands offer amazing responsiveness.

There are also some other brands like Deestone, Falken, Hankook. Maxxis, Nexen and a few other brands in Dubai markets which you can look for. Remember, it is essential to know that the right tyres for your vehicle can give you optimum performance.