Top 5 Most Liked Tyre Brands in Dubai

Ever felt uncomfortable while driving on the busy roads of Dubai? Or, find your car tyres are not performing as they should? Well, it could happen if you don’t have the perfect fit in your vehicle. Tyres are particularly important and play a key role in how well your automobile performs on the road. So, when it comes to picking the right tyres, big brands of tyres are not just for the name. They guarantee performance and durability in all weather conditions to bring the best out of your vehicle.

As the brand culture is not new in Dubai, you can select from a wide range of tyre brands for the right quality and fit. It is very hard to identify the best tyre brands in Dubai when there are many. To make things a bit easier for you, here’re the top five most liked tyre brands in Dubai by vehicle owners.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres are one of the top-end and high-performing tyre brands, not only in Dubai but around the world. It manufactures a wide range of automobile tyres across categories from buses, trucks, and cars to industrial tyres for earthmovers. It is also the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, second after Bridgestone. Michelin tyres are used in car racing and motorsports for their performance capability. They are durable and a perfect choice for extreme weather conditions in Dubai.


It is a premium tyre brand and very famous amongst Dubai car owners. Bridgestone tyres are not only durable but also offer great wheel balancing, damage resistance, and tyre rotation. Being the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone manufactures tyres for all types of cars and large trucks. They are your one of the safest choices on the road.


It is a high-end tyre brand and everyone cannot afford it. However, Pirelli tyres are the perfect choice for Dubai’s luxury and performance cars. These tyres offer exceptional high-speed performance with great stability and control on the road. With the high-end price segment, Pirelli tyres come with a heavy responsibility of damage control to make your ride safer and comfortable in all conditions.


If you are looking for both the budget and performance, Yokohama is an affordable choice for most car owners in Dubai as the prices are lower than competitor tyre brands in the market for all types of cars. Yokohama is a Japanese tyre brand that delivers standard performance in the budget segment. 


Dunlop beings the most innovative and latest technology in the tyre industry with its wide variety of car tyres in all segments. Being one of the world’s renowned tyre brands, Dunlop tyres are well suited to the Dubai weather conditions and on-road requirements. You can easily find Dunlop tyres in many outlets across the city as they are one of the preferred choices by many car owners in Dubai.

There are some other tyre brands such as Continental, Goodyear, Kumho, Deestone, Falken, Hankook, and many more that will easily make to the list of best tyre brands in Dubai. But whatever your choice be, make sure to do proper research to find the perfect fit for your vehicle in order to get the high-performance and durability.