Things Car Owners Should Know About Spare Tyre

Also known as Stepney, a spare tyre is an extra tyre stored in your vehicle and used in case of an emergency like a tyre burst. But unfortunately, this element is often overlooked by the car owners. Sometimes, the situation is such that car owners travel long distances without a spare car in their vehicle, which is not right.

To ensure your safety, you should always have a spare tyre in your vehicle and should know when and how to use it. Most new vehicles are equipped with a spare tyre. But if your vehicle is not equipped, you should get one from available tyres for sale in Dubai. Based on the model and tyre type, you should make your selection.

The other details about a spare tyre are discussed below.

Types of a spare tyre

  • Regular tyres– This category of a spare tyre is of the same size as that of your regular tyres.
  • Space Saver tyres– Also known as donut tyres, this category of a spare tyre is smaller than the regular ones.

Difference between regular and space saver spare tyres 

If you own a regular-sized spare tyre, you can replace the damaged tyre without a second thought. The functioning and smoothness on the road while driving will be exactly like your regular tyre. But make sure you get the damaged tyre repaired as soon as possible for safety during long-distance journeys.

Talking about the space saver spare tyre, it is used as a temporary solution. If one of your regular tyres gets damaged, you can reach the closest tyre repair shop and not beyond. Though space saver tyre type is size-restricted, it is compact and lightweight to store in the trunks of all the vehicles.

The space saver spare tyre is not as solid and durable as the full-size regular spare tyre. Also, the space saver spare tyre cannot be repaired; it has to be replaced if damaged.

Is it safe to drive with a spare tyre?

The safety depends on the type of spare tyre you have in your trunk.

The layers of polyester cords running underneath the rubber in the regular tyre provide the strength that it needs. But on the other hand, lesser cords in the space saver have less traction, which means less stopping ability. So it’s not safe to travel for long with a saver space spare tyre.

The differential in your vehicle transmits the energy from the engine and distributes it to the wheels. Based on the energy distribution between the wheels, the wheels get the ability to spin at different speeds. Here the space saver tyre spins much faster than the normal tyre present on the opposite wheel because of the smaller size. Due to this, the differential has to work harder which also affects the handling ability. It happens in the road turns as well as on straight roads. So manufacturers and tyre dealers in Dubai suggest keeping space saver for a limited distance and speed.

Having a well-maintained spare tyre handy is like a saviour. So, next time when you visit a tyre dealer in Dubai, ask for a spare tyre based on your requirements if you do not have one in your vehicle.