The 5 Tips for Tyre Maintenance That Every Car Owner Must Know

According to automobile experts, poor quality of tyres is a major reason for car accidents because they stay in direct contact with the road. A car driver can control and keep moving if there are defects in other parts but cannot manage poor quality tyres. In most cases, the effect of the tyre is sudden like a blowout that happens without any warning signs.

As a car owner, you should take care of the tyres and visit the professionals for tyre change service in Dubai regularly. In case of any doubt or input from others, you should seek help from experts immediately because it’s about your safety.

Along with the expert’s advice, you should also be aware of the tips to maintain your car tyres. We have listed the tips below for your reference.

Check the tyre pressure

It is advisable to check the tyre pressure every month. If the pressure is correct, it will reduce the risk of losing control of your car. Also, it will protect your tyre from premature wear and irreversible damages. Along with your main tyres, you should also check the pressure of the spare tyre.

A properly pressurized tyre will increase its life-span, improve performance, and reduce the risk of damage and save fuel. To ensure the right pressure in the tyre, you should read the user manual or label on the door.

Check wheel balancing 

While driving when you feel that one area is heavier or lighter than the rest, it means that the wheel is out of balance. You should identify this problem and visit professionals for checking wheel balancing. If it’s not resolved on time, the tyres will suffer from premature wear and tear and cause vibrations. Also, the wheels will not move symmetrically and lead to accidents.

Check wheel alignment 

Alignment means the correct geometrical suspension of wheels and axles while driving. If these two parts are not aligned properly, it will be difficult for you to handle and your safety will be compromised. In case you came in contact with a solid object, alignment might get disrupted. You should immediately visit a specialist. You should check the wheel alignment periodically.

Opt for timely replacement 

Just like other things, the lives of the car tyres come to an end. You cannot think of using the same tyres for your entire life and keep moving your car with no worries. If you do so, your safety is in danger. You should replace the tyre after a specific time or as advised by the experts.

Usually, the replacement of car tyres depends on age and usage. The average time of a tyre is 5 years. If the car used more than advised within these 5 years, you might need to replace the tyres before 5 years. Once you are ready for replacement, visit one of the best companies for tyre replacement in Dubai.

Go for safety repairs 

In most cases, you need professionals to handle the problems occurring in the car tyres. In such situations, you should ensure that repair service providers are experienced and well-reputed in the industry. Giving your prized-possession in the hands of in-experienced repairers can be dangerous, so choose wisely.

Taking these tips into consideration, it will easy to maintain your car tyres and ensure safety while driving.