The 3 Categories of Engine Oil For Your Car

Oil in your car is just like blood in your body. The oil in your car keeps the engine working and blood in your body keeps the heart and nerves working. The only difference is you do not have to change or clean blood for the proper functioning of your body because it’s a biological process and takes place naturally.

Oiling or oil change is a bit complicated process. You cannot buy any category of engine oil and apply the same thinking there is nothing to worry about. In case you select the wrong engine oil type and wrong grade, the performance of your car will deteriorate and affect the engine and other related parts. So the best is to connect with a company providing car oil change service in Dubai.

Moving on, the car oil change in Dubai will follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the right oil for your car. They will ensure that the grade is as mentioned so that nothing goes wrong. But sometimes, things can be different. To cut down the cost, the oil change company can use low-quality and wrong engine oil. So you must stay updated.

In this post, we will discuss the 3 categories of engine oils that are generally used in a car:

Mineral Engine Oil

It’s the crudest form of engine oil that has paved the way for modern oils. The production of mineral engine oil is very different from the other two varieties of oils. It is refined petroleum oil which undergoes treatment under a wide temperature range. Also, it’s the cheapest option. The provider of oil change service in Dubai uses mineral engine oil in older vehicles and motorcycles.

Full Synthetic Engine oil

In contrast to mineral engine oils, fully synthetic engine oil is the most preferred option. It has changed the scenario of engine oil technology by providing excellent protection and better fuel efficiency. Unlike mineral oil, the engine oil goes through extensive treatment in the lab. The experts break down the mineral oil into the most basic molecules which help in removing the undesired substances and impurities. The molecules present are very consistent in size and shape, offering superior lubrication.

Semi Synthetic Engine oil

It holds a middle position in the category of engine oils. It’s a combination of both mineral engine oil and full synthetic oil where you get the affordability of mineral and performance of synthetic. In semi synthetic oil, a small amount of synthetic engine oil is blended in with mineral oil it’s properties. It does not affect the cost of the oil. The use of synthetic oil in your car enhances the viscosity and wear resistance at higher temperatures and stress.  

Along with the advantages, you will there are also disadvantages of using these engine oils. So at the time of car oil change in Dubai, you should discuss the disadvantages with the experts as well. Lastly, you should follow a rule of thumb that says use the engine oil specified by your car manufacturer.