Take Your on-Road Performance to the Next Level with Apollo Alnac 4GS Car Tyre

Apollo is one of the most popular and high-performing car tyre brands in Dubai. Incorporated in 1972, Apollo Tyres is an Indian Multinational tyre manufacturing company with manufacturing units in India, Netherlands and Hungary. The company makes high-performing and class-leading tyres for car owners in various segments to meet specific demands.

Apollo’s 4G series car tyres have already created a buzz in the market among car owners and OEMs with their superior performance when it comes to better control, durability, speed, and traction. With the launch of Apollo 4GS Tubeless Tyres, the performance of tubeless tyres just got better. It has improved the overall performance on various fronts to take your on-road performance to the next level. Here’re the key factors where Apollo Alnac 4GS Tubeless tyres are better in its category:


Apollo Alnac 4GS car tyres have all-around characteristics when it comes to sheer performance on the road. They have broader outer shoulders and a unique tread design to maintain vehicle stability at highways. The Alnac 4GS comes with enhanced traction with improve tread pattern, which helps in a stronger steering response for precise control on the road. The company has used a softer rubber to manufacture Apollo Anlac 4GS Tubeless Tyres to absorbs bumps and reduce tyre noise for quiet performance. The tyre also gives you more control over sharp corners and during emergency braking.

Speed Rating

If you are someone who loves to go on long drives to enjoy high-speed riding on highways, Apollo Anlac 4GS Tubeless car tyres can be your first choice for both midsized sedans and premium cars. These tyres come in a 15” rim size and are available in two specifications. Both specifications are rated ‘H’ for speed parameters, which indicates that the tyres can be raced up to 210 KMPH with prescribed load capacity. The speed rating of Apollo Alnac 4GS car tyres is ideal for cars and SUVs in Dubai.

Fuel Efficiency

It is another great feature of Apollo car Tyres in the 4G series due to the lighter build and fuel-efficiency figures. This characteristic has been improved with Alnac 4GS Tubeless tyres for better fuel-efficient performance. Alnac 4GS gets a 4-star rating out of five in the fuel economy segment. They are the perfect fit for both highway and city driving if you own a sedan or compact SUV. 


The entire series of SUV tyres and Alnac car tyres come with a 5-year manufacturing warranty, which is among the highest in the industry. You will receive a comprehensive cover for your Alnac 4GS Tubeless tyres in Dubai for non-repairable punctures, impact damage, and accidental damage as per the terms and policies of the warranty.

If not the best, Apollo Alnac 4GS car Tyres are one of the best in its performance and price segment. They have already become the first choice for many car owners because of superior riding comfort, control, and stability on the road. And with sensible pricing, Apollo Tyres in Dubai edging past their competitors in the market by attracting both OEMs and individual car owners.