Some Basic Tips to Consider When Buying a New Car Battery

Buy Car Battery in Dubai

The day when your car engine won’t start, it might be due to a dead car battery, and it’s time to go for a battery shopping. Every car owner needs to replace their car battery at some point to keep things functioning all the time. A battery is an important part of any vehicle as it works as a power source for wipers, lights, door locks, sliding windows, and most importantly it starts your engine. So, when your battery starts showing problems, it’s time to buy a new car battery.

Being stuck with a dead car battery can be very frustrating that’s why one should take care of their batteries by regular inspection to monitor its condition. It will help you identify some early signs that your car battery is getting dead over time. Some of the common signs of a dead car battery are:

  • Flickering headlights
  • Dimmed interior lighting
  • Slow-cranking engine
  • Engine ignition issues
  • Battery corrosion or swelling

If you notice these signs, you should consider getting a new car battery to avoid any last-minute chaos or irritation. Once you have decided to buy a car battery in Dubai, it is not going to be an easy task for you as you may get confused without the proper information. So, if you are confused and don’t know how to start your battery shopping or where to find a car battery shop near me to buy the right fit for your car, consider these things to make the right choice:

Size of the battery

It is the most important factor that you should look for to make sure that your new battery perfectly fits in your car’s battery tray. All batteries have a specific standard dimension refers to the length, width, and height to fit into different car models. You can check the group size of your existing battery by looking at its label or by referring to the ‘vehicle owner manual’.

Reserve capacity

It indicates that how long a battery can support the electrical system and other functioning with the engine turned off.  A battery with a higher reserve capacity can be very helpful in different conditions and save your vehicle system from some electrical defects.

Age of the battery

When you buy a new car battery make sure that the manufacturing date is no earlier than 5-6 months. A battery loses its strength as electrolyte inside it may weaken with time even when they are in storage and not being used. You can check the serial number on a battery to know the month and year of its manufacturing.

Maintenance and manufacturer warranty

You will get two options when buying a new car battery – the maintenance-free one and one that requires low maintenance over time. As it can affect the cost of your battery so choose the one that fits your budget. Also, you should look for an extended manufacturer warranty to ensure that you can replace it if any problem arises in its performance due to any manufacturing defect. So, these are basic things that can be very helpful even when you are buying a car battery for the first time and don’t know about it. You can check these things by looking at the serial number and label of any battery. If you are looking to buy a new car battery in Dubai, you can visit Turbo Express in Al Qouz to find the best car batteries as per your choice at the best market price.