Reasons Why Continental Tyres are the Top Choice for Car Owners

Continental is one of the most popular and iconic tyre brands in the automobile world. The company provides some of the best and high-performance tyres to car owners. Continental tyres are known to enhance the overall performer of your car. They can withstand extreme driving and weather condition without compromising on-road performance. They are becoming increasingly popular among car owners in all segments for durability as well as efficient performance.

Continental Tyres has built a reputation in the tyre market as a premium tyre company. It is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of car tyres for a range of car brands in the market. The company sells high-quality and durable tyres for almost every popular car make and model. Continental tyres in Dubai are available in various tyre shops and you can buy them from online as well as offline stores.

If you are still looking for more reasons to buy continental tyres in Dubai apart from durability and quality, here’re some of them to help you decide:

Upgraded with +Silane

Continental tyres are upgraded with +Silane to provide better grip and braking ability on slippery roads. If you are afraid of loose grips during rainy or snowy weather and want something for a safer ride, continental tyres are a better option. If it rains throughout the year, prefer continental tyres for excellent braking ability on wet surfaces.

TGF Polymers

Continental Tyres uses TGF polymers during tyre manufacturing to increase the bonding of molecules. It simply improves the treadwear quality in your tyres, and so does the fuel efficiency.

Save fuel and money

Continental tyres are manufactured with an aim to save your fuel and money. If you want something for economical and long rides, continental tyres should be your way to go. With improved fuel efficiency, you can cover some extra mile after filling the tanks.

Extra life

Apart from TGF polymers, Continental Tyres also use ProContact and EcoPlus technologies to enhance treadwear. It almost adds 23% longer treadwear which results in a long-lasting and improved driving experience.

Less CO2 emission

With increased fuel efficiency, you can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide that your car emits in the air. It helps you reduce your carbon footprints and give your contribution to the saving the environment campaign.   

These are some of the advantages of using Continental tyres as compare to other tyre brands. It is an award-winning tyre brand and comes with a competitive price range in the market. If you are looking for Continental Tyres in Dubai to improve your driving experience and your car’s overall performance, shop it online from Turbo Express Tyres Trading for the best price and excellent customer support.