Is It Essential To Replace Your Car’s Tyres? Let’s Find Out!

In today’s era, every individual comprehends well how imperative it is to take utmost care of their vehicle. After all, it is one of the biggest investments one can ever make. Additionally, when you will take care of your car, it will take care of you and your loved ones.
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When it is about servicing and maintenance of your car, in general, it has been observed that your car’s tyers are often the most overlooked of all parts of the car. However, this must be avoided!

To keep your stress at bay, we have compiled some of the many signs regarding when you should change your car’s tyers.

Typically, your car’s tyers must be replaced within five to six years, even if the thread is not worn out. This step must be taken for safety purposes. However, it is important to routinely check the tyers and thread of the vehicle to access whether it is needed to get replaced sooner or later.

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  2. In case if you have observed that the tread has been worn out, it is time to replace your old tyres with new ones. When you take your car for servicing, your mechanic will examine your car’s tyres at the time of every oil change. A well-versed mechanic will be able to locate every minor sign of tread getting worn out. Moreover, he can help you with replacing tyres.
  3. If your car has met with an accident and the tyers have gotten damaged, it would be a wise move to change the tyres of your car.
  4. If you generally drive your car on the harsh road, then you must check your car’s tyres regularly. The harsh road conditions include bumpy roads, roads with a lot of potholes, wet roads, a climate with extreme temperatures, driving on ice or snow, etc.
  5. According to your driving habits, your car’s tyres can get worn out rapidly. Some factors are mentioned underneath-
    • How speedy you get while driving your car?
    • If you drive on bumpy damaged roads or not
    • Emergency braking or quick starting your car
    • Not heading to services center unless you notice any changes like noise, vibration, or change in handling
    • Skipping routine servicing and maintenance of your vehicle
  6. Inappropriate usage of your car can damage tyres which will need you to replace them more often than normal. Enlisted below are some of the many factors contributing to improper usage of your car-
    • Utilizing wheel sizes and rim sizes that are not compatible with one another
    • Re-inflating a tyre that has been punctured or has been deflated many times in the past
    • Using two or more tyre types
    • Using tyres on snow or ice climate that are typically meant for the summer season
    • If you observe a hole in the tread larger than 6mm, you must switch your car’s tyre.

These were some of the many points that you must keep in mind about a car’s tyres when purchasing a car. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our experts.