How to Correctly Upsize Your Car Tyres and Wheels

Branded Tyres in Dubai

The first thing that a car owner chooses to upgrade after buying a new car is its wheels and tyres. They add instant visual appeal; however, they can also cause potential damage when the selection is made wrong. Thus, if you are also planning to upsize your car tyres, decide to buy branded tyres in Dubai like Apollo.

Here is what you should know while upsizing your car’s tyres and wheels.

  1. Choose the right material

In case your car has steel wheel rims, you should prefer them to change to alloy wheels. Though they are expensive, they also come with many advantages. Alloy wheels are well-designed and help enhance the looks and appeal of your car like no other single feature. Alloy wheels allow great airflow to the brakes that reduce the brake fade and increase brake life while improving the cornering performance dramatically. 

2. Understand what upsize means

There is a method behind the popularity of upsizing tyres and wheels, and there is also a reason why every manufacturer offers a standard size of tyre and wheel rim for a particular car. It’s because the sizes of a car’s wheels and tyres have been chosen to perfectly balance between the performance dynamics, fuel efficiency, and ride and handling. Thus, when you change from the standard size, all these qualities will also change. 

Many aftermarket shops will try to sell you the tyre and wheel to earn maximum profit. If you end up with the wrong size, your car will suffer a lot of damage. Besides, your car ride and handling will also affect and you might also need an appointment with a chiropractor. 

So, choose trusted brands, such as Apollo tyres in Dubai, and make sure you are choosing the right size to make your ride smooth in desert places that Dubai is blessed with.

3. Check the right size

Know that you don’t have much scope to deviate from the total diameter of the original tyres that come fitted in your car. Determine the total diameter of the tyre by adding the diameter of the wheel rim to the size of the sidewall. To ensure that the upsizing is safe, the tyre size must not be increased by more than three percent of the car’s original total tyre diameter. Anything more than three percent is not recommended as it will result in a considerable drop in fuel efficiency and compromised ride and handling. 

4. Check after fitting

Once you fit your new branded wheels on the car, get behind the wheel and turn the steering from lock to lock. Turn the wheels in both directions and ensure that on the full lock, the wheels are not touching the inside of the wheel well or any other part of the body. Make sure that there is enough space between the tyre and the wheel well to absorb any bumps or potholes on the road. Test drive on an uneven road to see if the bigger wheels and tyres are compromising the ride’s quality. And then make your decision. 

Buy Apollo tyres in Dubaior any other reputed brand tyres while upsizing your car tyres and wheels because the quality of car tyres matters as much as the right size.