How to Contact Tyre Maintenance Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

Today, the vehicle has become an integral part of our daily lives. Although you might have minimized the travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it is imperative to keep your car running in a healthy and safe condition.

The automotive aftermarket industry is one of the industries that have seen a massive digital transformation. As the car tyre dealers in Dubai take radical steps to adopt new ways of working in order to increase customers’ safety during these unprecedented times, it is your responsibility to embrace these changes for good.

Tire dealers have introduced contactless car services to minimize human interaction without compromising quality and authenticity. Be it replacement of tyres or routine car maintenance service, with these services you can give your car the attention it requires even in the current situation.

  1. Book An Appointment

Booking an appointment is a great option that allows scheduling ahead of time to ensure that the tyre shop isn’t crowded. You can easily book the services of the tyre dealer through the online appointment system. You have to choose the dealership of your choice, select the services, choose a day and time that suits you, and submit your details.

  1. Get A Quote

Although many businesses remain affected, the tyre retailers need to show how effectively they can manage the change through digitalization with transparency. The “Get a Quote” feature allows you to get through a personalized quote for the tyres of car services you want from your dealer. This also allows you to buy Michelin tyres in Dubai without the need to visit the shop.

  1. Digital Payment

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are has been an increased shift towards cashless options for making payments. Digital payment has become the preferred method for payments and is a safer choice for making payments. Make sure the tyre dealer you choose offers digital payment options.

  1. Pickup and Drop off

Today, you can find many tyre dealers who provide a pickup and drop service. This service will also reduce direct contact and face-to-face interaction. The dealer will pick up the car from your given location, service it, and return it to you, taking all the required safety precautions.

  1. Mobile Fitting Service

This feature is a great option that allows the mechanic to come to your location and service your car, thus limiting your travel. Consider the tyre dealers in Dubai who offer this service, saving you the hassle of driving to their service center.

The Covid-19 crisis has increased the usage of these contactless tire maintenance services. Because how daily activities can be managed has changed, these contactless services are here to stay even after the pandemic is over.