How Often Should I Replace My Tyres in Dubai?

Tyres are a crucial part of the vehicle. They have a significant impact on acceleration, steering, and braking. When tyres become old and worn out, they lose their ability to function in particular areas.

It’s precisely before this that you should start shopping for a new pair of tyres. Due to the extreme heat in a place like Dubai, worn-out tyres are more susceptible to blowouts, making them less reliable.

As a result, it’s critical to understand when it’s time to replace your tyres. We’ll talk about how often you should change your tyres, how long they last, and more.

When should you replace your car’s tyres?

While regular tyre care such as tyre rotation, wheel alignment, balancing, and tyre pressure check from a reputable tyre shop near Al Quoz will help reduce tyre wear, you must change every tyre after a certain period.

Here are a few indicators that will help you determine when to replace your old tyres.

  1. The tread of a tire

Every tyre has a level of wear visible between the treads. You should replace the tyre if the tread is level with the tread wear indicator. When any tread area is worn down to 1.6 mm, you must replace the tyre.

  1. Damage to the tyres

While some tyres may still have tread on them, you should inspect the tyres closely for cuts, cracks, bulges, uneven wear, or signs of dry rot. In many situations, the damage is permanent, and you must change the tyres.

  1. Punctured tyre

To determine if a punctured tyre can be fixed or replaced, you must examine it thoroughly from the inside.

  1. The age of the tires

Tyres exhibit symptoms of wear and tear whether you use them regularly or infrequently. Driving style, vehicle type, climatic conditions, road conditions, maintenance routine, and other variables contribute to tyre ageing.

How long should a tyre last?

The majority of tyres will not survive more than ten years. However, oxidation causes the tyre compounds to harden and become brittle after 4 to 5 years.

As a result, after the tyres have been in use for 4-5 years, you should examine them appropriately at least once a year.

Tyres do not have an official expiration date. Storage, environment, vehicle load, tyre pressure, and driving style may all affect the life expectancy of a tyre.

Should I replace all of my tires at once?

Your automobile requires four decent tyres of the same size, kind, and specifications to stop, accelerate, and steer ideally. As a result, top tyre manufacturers recommend replacing all four tyres at the same time.

If you’re replacing less than four tyres, the industry standard is to change them in pairs. When buying two tyres, ensure that they have the same tread pattern, tread depth, and handling qualities.

Tread depth, traction, and handling differences between tyres on the same axle can harm your vehicle’s suspension, ride quality, and safety. No matter what sort of vehicle you drive, your two new tyres should be mounted on the back axle since it is safer.

To sum it up

Keep an eye on the condition of your tyres and replace them as necessary. If you need assistance locating the right tyres for your car, look for a reputable tyre shop near Al Quoz and get guidance from the pros there.