How Long do Tyres Last? Tips to Extending Their Life

It is almost impossible for one to tell how long their will tyres last.The longevity of the tyres depends on several factors, such as the road conditions, the nature of the tyre, your driving habits, and care given to the tyres.

The standard life of a set of tyres is about 50000 km to 70000kn on a car in a moderate climate. In Dubai, however, the lifespan drops to half due to hot and dusty conditions and off-road driving. Also, bad maintenance can lead to quicker wear and tear.

The recommended maximum age of tyres in Dubai is three years. Learn to recognize when to replace the tyres. When you see the signs that your tyres need changing, work with reputable tyre dealers in Dubai.

Here are a few tips you can follow to extend the lifespan of your tyres.

  • Timely Inspect Your Tyres: After two or three years, whatever the mileage, it’s essential to have your tyres checked regularly. Make sure to have your tyres checked by a reputable tyre dealer or have them done when your car is on for some regularly scheduled operation.
  • Check Tyre Tread: Tyres have tread wear indicator bars of about 12mm to 15mm wide, whichappears as a bar around the tyre around six places. A tyre is considered unsafe once the tread is worn out to a point where only 1.5mm of the pattern remains.
  • Maintenance: You will increase the lifespan of your tyre if you maintain tyres required air pressure, perform regular tyre rotations and car maintenance.
  • Swap Tyres Around: Check that each tyre wears out at a similar rate. In order to keep the tyres worn uniformity, change them routinely – including the spare if it’s a full-size tyre. You should swap your tyres around every service or every 10,000 kilometers. Front tyres usually wear faster because of the steering angle. Thus, it is essential to rotate them periodically to distribute the wear evenly.
  • Keep Tyres Away from the Sun: In a hot and humid climate, such as in Dubai, car tyres are expected to wear out faster than usual. So, it’s always better to park your vehicle away from the sun. It will minimize the harmful effects of UV rays on leather. If there is no indoor parking space available, try parking in a shady area.
  • Get Wheels Aligned: Wheel alignment affects the longevity of the tyres and how a car handles them. Usually, this service is performed by the tyre shop as part of a regular service. But if you are concerned that your wheel alignment is off, take it to the reputable tyre dealer to test and re-align.
  • Drive Carefully: When driving, you don’t have to be a stuntman. Don’t do reckless cornering, burnouts, and heavy breakings, as these can wear the tyres down quickly.

It’s not possible to tell how long the tyre lasts. A general rule of thumb suggests that tyres should be inspected, if not replaced, at least every two or three years.

In Dubai, you can easily find reputable and affordable places to get your tyres changed. Find good quality tyres for sale as they can have a huge impact on the performance of your car.