Five Signs that Indicate Your Car’s AC System Needs Repair and Servicing

For comfortable rides in Dubai, good climate control is essential in your four-wheeler. The main system to control the climate inside a car is a car air conditioning unit. It helps with both ventilation and cooling.

While most people love traveling in an air-conditioned car, the sad thing is that most car owners overlook the air conditioning unit of their car. When left neglected for long, there is so much that can go wrong with the ventilation and cooling unit of your car.

Only with proper and timely car air conditioning repair and maintenance, your car’s air conditioning unit will serve for a long time.

Thus, if you want to control the climate in your car without wasting huge money on expensive repairs, you must keep an eye on the following common car AC problems.

The Air Inside Car Is Not Cooling!

If your car’s AC system is not cooling the air, there might be several reasons behind it. Some of the most common issues include low refrigerant level, broken condenser, damaged belt, cracked compressor, idle valves, inactive pressure switches, and defective clutch.

Did you know the refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning unit diminishes by 15 percent each year? Thus, if it’s been years for your car’s AC to undergo servicing, it’s time to take your car to a nearby renowned auto workshop and get its air conditioning inspected and serviced.

Strange Noises Have Become Common!

If you have started to hear strange noise in your car, it might be coming from your dying compressor. If not, there might be other causes such as cross-contaminated refrigerant or the use of the wrong lubricant. Besides, holes or broken components might also generate weird noises. So, if you notice any strange noise coming from your car, hand it over to professionals for quick inspection and repair.

It Feels Moist Inside Your Car!

You might face this problem when moisture or debris gets trapped inside your car’s air conditioning system. Moist air inside your car is a sure sign that the air conditioning unit of your car needs servicing and maintenance. Once the debris or excess moisture is drawn out of your car’s AC system, you will again feel better when riding in your car.

You Smell the Foul Air!

When the air conditioning system of a car is not used for a long time, you might notice the buildup of foul smell in your car. It happens especially during the winter season as microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi get a favorable environment to develop and populate, which gives off a foul smell. However, car AC repair professionals can help you get rid of this problem.

You Notice Any Leakage from Your Car’s AC System!

When you drive a car, you should always be vigilant for leakages that come from the AC system of your car. Leaking AC refrigerant not only makes air cooling inefficient but also acts as a dangerous chemical that can harm the environment and your car’s engine.

As soon as you identify any of these problems in your car’s AC, take your car to an esteemed auto shop for car air conditioning repair in Dubai.