Buying Car Tyres Online? Consider These Points to Select the Right One

Tyres are one of the most important components of your car, and you need to keep them well-maintained for superior performance and safety on the road. It’s not only about cars, be it a bike, truck, or loader, tyres have a direct impact on the speed, acceleration, handling, and braking of a vehicle. It is why when you find out that your automobile tyres have worn down or damaged, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

When you look to buy tyres, you can either buy them from a nearby tyre shop or purchase them online from a reputed supplier and dealer of branded tyres. Sometime, it is very hard to find the right tyre at a nearby auto store near you, and you look for other options. It is where you can consider buying your car tyres online without any hesitation. While buying tyres online, you cannot solely depend on professional help; you need to know basics about car tyre types, sizes, and other factors to make the right decision.

Buying car tyres online is a challenging task, you should do thorough research before placing your order. Here’re few tips on how to select new tyres for your vehicle when purchasing them online.

Buy it at the right time

You just cannot buy a set of tyres and keep it in your garage for the later use. All tyres come with a manufacturer warranty from the date of its manufacturing. Even your tyre is new but goes out of its warranty period, you should not use it. It is why you should know when to replace your car tyres. In normal operating conditions, tyres wear out after 5-6 years. However, it depends on multiple factors and road conditions where you drive regularly. A routine check-up of your vehicle from professionals can help you figure out the current condition of your tyres and when you should replace them.

Previous experience

If your previous experience with the tyres you had earlier is excellent, it will be very easy to find the right tyre type for your needs. All you need to find the particular size and type of tyre with the online dealer and place your order.

Size of the tyre

If you are looking for better options, you should know the right tyre size for your vehicle. You can check your car manual or consult with a local mechanic to check the tyre size that you need to replace. Your tyres should perfectly fit with the rim size for the excellent control and performance. Getting the right tyre is also essential for a safe drive in all conditions.

You can check your tyre size on their sidewalls. You will find something like “P195/75 R 20 87 V” written on the sidewalls of your tyres, where different terms represent certain things. In this case, each term represents the followings:

  • P – Tyre type (here P stands for passenger type), other types are LT for Light Truck, ST for Special Trailer, T stands for Temporary for spare tyres.
  • 195 – Tread width (in millimetrers)
  • 75 – Aspect ratio
  • R 20 – Radial Diameter (actual size of your tyre) where 20 is the rim diameter in inches.
  • 87 – Load rating
  • V – Speed rating

It will be very helpful in selecting the right tyre size and type for your vehicle.

Operating condition

The longevity and durability of your tyre depend on environment, driving style, and road condition. Tyres are also available to suit different driving condition for the long-lasting performance. You can select from winter tyres, summer tyres, all-season tyres, and high-performance tyres as per your requirements.


It is very important to check the manufacturer’s warranty for defect protection during the warranty period. It ensures the batter and safe performance during the period without any risk. You can replace your tyres if their performance is not up to the mark or there is any defect during the warranty period.

These are the most common things that you can consider while selecting the right tyre type for your vehicle. If you are looking for an online tyre shop in Al Quoz, Dubai, come to the “Turbo Express Tyres Trading” for the best quality tyres at affordable prices. We are an authentic car tyre store in Dubai and provide easy access to our customer in the whole UAE.