Basic Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Vehicle

Tyres of a vehicle are the only parts that directly get into contact with the road. The tyre quality determines the performance, safety, and life span of your tyre on the road. Choosing the right type and best quality tyres can increase the overall performance of your vehicle including the fuel efficiency and enhanced handling quality during your drive. When you look to buy tyres in Dubai, it is very important to choose the right set of branded tyres from a reputed supplier.

If you are not sure how to start your search and what exactly you should look for when buying the new tyres for your vehicle, keep these factors in your mind to select the right set of tyres as per your needs:

Tubeless or tube-type tyres

It’s a personal choice and your preference between tube-type and tubeless tyres but, we want to add a comment here that tubeless tyres are more economical, safer, and advanced than tube-type tyres. They are easy to install and fit very well with your steel wheels offering better handling during the drive. Tubeless tyres and becoming increasingly popular because of their safety features as there are very fewer chances of tyre burst or puncturing on the road.

Get the right size

Getting the right sized tyres are very essential for a safe drive. If your tyres won’t fit well, it can cause poor handling and additional stress that can lead to poor performance while increasing the chances of road accidents. You can check the size of your tyres on their sidewalls in a standard format. For example, you will find something like “P185/75 R 15 87 V” written on your tyre’s sidewall where each term stands for:

  • P – Tyre type (here P stands for passenger type), other types are LT for Light Truck, ST for Special Trailer, T stands for Temporary for spare tyres.
  • 185 – Tread width (in millimetres)
  • 75 – Aspect ratio
  • R 15 – Radial Diameter (actual size of your tyre) where 15 is the rim diameter in inches.
  • 87 – Load rating
  • V – Speed rating

Speed rating

From the above ratings, you can also determine the speed rating of any tyre that is also an essential consideration while choosing the right tyre type for your needs. As in the above case letter V represents the speed rating of your tyre that you can determine from the following chart:

Speed chart:

  • Q – 160 km/h
  • S – 180 km/h
  • T – 190 km/h
  • U – 200 km/h
  • H – 210 km/h
  • V – 240 km/h
  • W – 270 km/h
  • Y – 300 km/h
  • (Y) – Above 300 km/h

The above speed charts determine that the higher the speed rating, the better the grip and stopping power during your drive. If you are someone who loves to drive fast, then you should pick tyres with a higher speed rating for better handling.

Manufacturer warranty

Every tyre manufacturer often offers warranties for defect protection and a tread warranty. Many big brands include both in their warranty on their tyres to ensure better performance during their life span. Different manufacturers offer different warranty period you can select what best fin into your requirement without compromising the overall performance.

These are some of the most basic considerations that you should keep in your mind when you decide to buy tyres in Dubai for your vehicle. We offer best quality tyres from all the popular brands at the best market price. You can select and purchase tyres online from our wide range of collections easily and quickly. You can also check tyres for sale Dubai in our special offer section to get the best deals on tyres to save some extra money on your purchase.