3 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Car Tyres

Tyres are the most important part of a vehicle, and just like any other product, they also get worn out when they get old after much use. It is why every vehicle owner needs to pay attention to the condition of the tyre of their vehicles and replace them as soon as they see any warning signs. Driving your car with worn-out tyres can be very dangerous, and you need to be careful to avoid any unwanted situation or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It is always good to know when you need to replace your car tyres and how to replace them. There are many technical and physical factors that can decrease the overall performance and life of your car tyres. If not taken seriously, some of those issues can have adverse effects on your overall driving experience. It is very important to read those warning signs and go to car tyre dealers in Dubai to buy tyres as per your requirements.

There is no rocket science; here’re the three warning signs that you can easily find out to decide whether or not you need to replace your car tyres:

Tread depth

The tread on your car tyres is there to offer better grip and control on the road in all driving conditions. Tyre manufacturers recommend that the tread depth of your tyre should not fall below 2/ 32” in depth. You can use tread wear indicator bar to gauge the tread depth on your tyres as per the instruction of the tyre manufacturer. The loss of tread depth reduces grip and traction and can compromises safety and performance on the road. 

Cracks in the sidewall

Cracks in the sidewall of your tyres indicate that the tyre rubber is deteriorating over time, and you need to pay attention here. Cracks in your tyre can be catastrophic as your tyre can blow out in the middle of driving due to high pressure. It can result in avoidable accidents which could be very dangerous.

Bulges and Blisters

Bulges and Blisters are the sign of uneven weakening of the surface of your tyres. It can happen because of many reasons such as the air pressure pushes out the weakened area or damaged tyre frame damages some areas on the tyre surface. Bulges on your tyres compromise with their structural integrity and hence the overall safety and performance on the road.

These are the top three warning signs that indicate you should immediately look for replacement tyres from reputed car tyre dealers in Dubai. Tyre experts and Professionals can help you better examine your tyre condition and make a well-informed decision. If you are looking to buy tyre in Dubai, shop it online from Turbo Express Tyres Trading for the best price and excellent customer support. It is your one-stop destination for tyres from many popular tyre brands for your vehicles of all makes and models.